About statweestics.com

This website has been written to gather statistics about twitter.
You may find that some features are missing : We will be very happy to receive your requests for enhancement, please contact us.

This project has been written with many open-source softwares such as :

  • Python 2.6 as the programming language,
  • Django 1.3 as the application framework,
  • JQuery 1.4 as the javascript framework,
  • Datatables jQuery plugin for dynamic tables,
  • Flot jQuery plugin for graphes,
  • Eclipse for the IDE (Integrated Developpement Environnement),
  • Subversion 1.6.x as the revision control system,
  • Aptana Studio 3 for Python developpement in Eclipse,
  • Apache 2.x as the web server,
  • mod_wsgi as the apache/python adaptator,
  • MySQL 5.x for the database,
  • Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome for browser testing,
  • Firebug/firecookies for html/javascript debugging,
  • Linux Ubuntu for the linux developpement platform.

The project's actual svn revision is 1143